Development Background

October 2016

Beginning of Lingerwater.

"Two soldiers have passed out of exhaustion but they are located far away. Where should we head with the IV kit first?"

 Desperate calls for help can often heard in field. While IV could save a lot of lives when used properly, there were too many difficulties to inject them on patients outside of hospital. 

Where there is a will,

there is a way.

  We've started to devise innovative methods to fundamentally overcome the shortcomings of conventional IV.

 Upon studying the advance research on the US army conducted since the 1950s and other related cases in India and Pakistan, we've successfully managed to develop a unique formula of materials that quickly supplements the loss in body fluids and energy.

Meticulous verification

is the key.

 Multiple verification throughout various field were completed including blood plasma supplement effect through blood test, checkup on urine output loss, usability test among professional athletes and ROK Special Forces, and evaluation on organic functions and recovery rate among general public.

 Finally 'Project Lingerwater' launched the drinkable IV that is easily portable and conveniently consumable at anytime, anywhere.

Once we go forward,

there's no going back.

 We've been proudly ranked 1st place from the National Defense Startup Challenge competition, and awarded by the Minister of National Defense from the KBS K-Startup 2017 Challenge, an inter-governmental entrepreneurial competition. 

 Research to develop our own unique technology is still continuing, without satisfying with small success.

Press Report

Lingtea, recognized by the President

President Moon gives a "thumbs up" to venture entrepreneurs.. "outstanding talents'

 President Moon has met with venture entrepreneurs in the startup industry on the 30th to listen to their status and with them luck in the future. The President has stopped by the ‘Linger Water’ booth, a startup company built by army doctors in active duty, to taste their drinkable IV product LingTea. (Linger+Tea) LingTea is a powdered IV that can be consumed orally. It is highly efficient and inexpensive compared to the conventional injection-type IV.

 President Moon has showed interest by asking “whether there were any patent-related issues when making it a medical product” or “whether this research output is well funded by the startup support system.” He then tasted LingTea in a cup with the Policy Director Jang Ha-Sung. (News Tomato, 2017.11.30)  

Developer Interview Cpt. Lee Won Cheol

Q. Motivation of Lingerwater

 I was commissioned as a medical officer in Special Forces after leaving university hospital in 2016 February. Soldiers are participating in 400km of march for 10 days and nights. 20 to 30 kg of gears exhausting soldiers with severe dehydrating during the training. I was the only medical officer in charge of 200 men and it was impossible to treat each of them with IV-injection. Starting from 2016 May, only authorized personnel could perform the injection, which made the problem only worse. Heavy weight of the injection kit was also a problem.

Q. Further plan

The priority is completing the product with perfection and introducing it with various form. As our first intention was developing the product for soldier and firefighters, I would like to donate to the most hard working people in the edge of the society such as border line. With user centric medicine, which is my creed, I would like to make the difference for better good to both medical provider and consumer.


[Our Creed]

Altering provider-centricity into user-centricity. Solving all restrictions and discomforts what user had to endure, anyone shall share the advantage of modern medical science.

[Our Goal]

Even a simple business, Pursuing the greatness over simply making a product, we will be the needed and respected company in the society.

[Lingerwater's spirit]


Pursuit of core

Easy solution